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It’s that time of the year again! The time to buy your loved ones STUFF! Because we could all use more stuff right?!

But for real, this holiday why not give the gift of GREEN -- you’ll surely be everyone’s favorite with anything from our list…

For the plant moms and dads, the green thumbs, the DIY types-- this Home Grow Starter Kit from Advanced Nutrients is the PERFECT GIFT! It comes chock full of all the baseline nutrients needed to have the most abundant home grow possible. I used it for my grow this year and it made everything so easy and convenient. Your people are gonna LOVE IT! Plus its a full circle gift-- they’ll be obligated to gift YOU with some cannabis when the time comes.

2) Frigg Hair Potion

This is sure to be adored by anyone with a scalp in your life - which is hopefully everyone. It’s chock full of botanicals, and oils - including CBD - all designed to give your scalp and hair the TLC it deserves! Nourishing, natural, and named after a Norse goddess!

This gorgeous coffee table book filled to the brim with fantastical imagery, art, and design from cannabis brands and creators. The book, by Gestalten and Santiago Rodriguez Tarditi, is so much fun to sift through casually, or to study for style ideas.

4) Potli x Aster Farms Olive Oil

This is the good stuff y’all. Aster Farms grew the cannabis, and their family grew the Campodonico olives used in this special collaboration with Potli. Put it all together and you've got some grade A EVOO for the chef-types in your life looking to concoct their own 5 star edibles. With 100mg THC and 8mg CBD in every bottle, you can cook with the olive oil, or drizzle some deliciousness on hummus, salad, toast... or if you don’t like food you can take shots straight to the dome! This is a no judgement zone.

All you have to do is get your mom and dad to spit in a tube, send it off to the EndoCanna lab, and VIOLA, your folks will have all the information they need about their own unique endocannabinoid systems to know how to curate the most optimal relationship with cannabis possible! Learn if you’re more likely to experience paranoia or munchies from cannabis, and what strains and products would work best for YOUR genetic makeup.

6) High Society Collection

The finest cannabis jewelry money can buy. Each piece of of their collection is made by hand in Portland, and everything they create is simply divine. From earrings, to lighter necklaces, hair accessories, to joint holders - I’m obsessed and I want them to make my engagement ring. Fortunately, Jimmy, they do custom orders!

This company is amazing! Combining cannabis wellness with Ayurvedic philosophy to create a line of therapeutic THC and CBD tinctures, each tincture is loaded with essential oils that work in tandem with cannabis to bring you the healing you need! Like their absolutely delicious sleepy time tincture, STOP- with chamomile, lavender, and valerian root. GOOD NIGHT!

Give the gift of KNOWLEDGE this year with online courses in cannabis education - like the fundamentals of cannabis science - which contains a webinar lecture, PDF packet, and even a quiz to make sure you’re learning real good! Presents don’t need to be tangible you know?!

These absolutely scrumptious chocolate bars are made in small batches using sustainability sourced ingredients and are infused with 120 mgs of CBD! They are seriously melt-in-your-mouth-delicious, with flavors like Lemongrass and Ghost Pepper Caramel.

These guitars have a 100% hemp body, with a hemp pickguard and knobs. They are absolute works of art, who even needs to how to play?! Not only does Silver Mountain hemp make guitars -- they now sell hemp speaker cabinets, and reverbs! Y’all have outdone yourselves.

Anyone would be lucky to receive one of these green-friendly gifts this holiday season! And if you've got no one in mind... maybe that lucky someone is YOU! Happy holidays.

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