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Ever hit those periods where you need more and more weed to feel “high”? If you’ve noticed your THC tolerance has skyrocketed, then you might benefit from the occasional T-Break.

THC, the psychoactive and intoxicating compound cannabis is most known for, works by affecting Cannabinoid Type 1, or CB1 receptors, in the brain.

Over time, too much THC can weaken the CB1 receptors response to THC or reduce the amount of receptors altogether! Both lead to you needing to ingest more THC to feel desired effects.

A tolerance break from cannabis is a beautiful way to restore your endocannabinoid system so that when you welcome back Mary Jane, the effects of cannabis can return to their full psychoactive potency.

And while two weeks is an ideal time frame, perhaps try starting off with just a day!

While addiction to cannabis is rare, taking a breather from weed can still be difficult. Not necessarily physically, but certainly mentally. For the habitual smoker, your brain will likely wander to weed when trying to take some time off -- so as cliche as it sounds, discipline is key.

It might help to keep your stash out of the house for your hiatus, or let your friends know you’re tapping out for a few days. Stay the course ol’ chap! And Goddess speed.

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